Leading Roller Chain
Loads can be right positioned to the top rated rollers. By attaching a stopper to the conveyor, loads is often temporarily stopped or stored although continuously driving the chain.
Side Roller Chain
This chain is employed for a totally free flow conveyor that runs on rails, along with the side rollers carry the bodyweight of loads. In contrast with Prime Roller Chain of the exact same material, it may possibly carry heavier load.
Hollow Pin Chain (HP)
The chain is linked with hollow pins which can be used for fitting a variety of attachments.
Versatile Chain (FX)
This chain has a great deal sideward bending flexibility and it is ideal for curved traveling.
Flat Plate Variety Roller Chain (F)
Damage to chain guards together with other parts are reduced with all the use of oval-shaped flat plates, and loads is often set straight about the chain.
Push Chain(PU)
This is the initial chain which has the capability to push. New layouts are probable considering the fact that loads could be pushed and pulled devoid of utilizing the guide, and space may be saved in comparison with using cylinders.