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XTB Bushings

As opposed to bolts and set screws, XTB bushings are held in spot by friction. They are incredibly durable and developed for flexibility. Bushings are constructed from high quality supplies such as machined metal and grade 35 cast iron. XT bushings are made of ductile iron and QD types are machined metal. No make a difference the application, bushings will offer your travel with many years of trouble-free service.
XTB bushings are obtainable in a selection of designs, dimensions, and weights. Some of them are particularly made for a specific type of application. They are accessible in a range of bore measurements and in various established screw and cap screw dimensions. The selection is virtually countless.

XTB Bushing Sizes

The dimensions chart underneath exhibits common XTB bushing dimensions, please speak to us for customized XTB design bushings or stainless metal.


Size Dimension (A) Dimension (B) Dimension (D) Dimension (L) Dimension (BC) No. Bolts Rec. Wrench Torque (ft-lbs) Weight (LBS)
XTB15 seven/sixteen two.000 two-7/8 1-5/sixteen 2-7/16 4 one/4-20NC x 1-1/four seven.9 seven.nine
XTB20 15/32 2.688 3-3/4 one-thirteen/32 three-3/sixteen four five/16-18NC x 1-1/two one.5
XTB25 five/eight 3.188 four-7/16 1-7/8 3-3/four four 3/8-16NC x two 29.two 2.six
XTB30 eleven/16 3.875 five-5/sixteen two-1/16 4-9/16 4 seven/sixteen-14NC x 2 forty five.8 four.2
XTB35 25/32 4.688 six-5/sixteen 2-fifteen/32 five-7/16 4 1/2-13NC x 2-1/2 70 7.4
XTB40 7/eight five.313 7-1/8 two-thirteen/16 6-1/8 four 9/16-12NC x 2-1/2 100 10.five
XTB45 fifteen/sixteen five.938 8 3-5/16 6-7/8 four five/8-11NC x 2-1/two a hundred and forty 14.eight
XTB50 one seven.250 10-1/eight 3-3/four eight-5/16 four 3/4-10NC x 3 250 27.8
XTB60 one-1/eight eight.625 11-15/sixteen four-1/8 nine-7/8 four 7/8-9NC x 3-1/2 400 42.eight
XTB70 1-5/16 ten.000 13-fifteen/16 4-11/16 11-9/sixteen four one-8NC x 3-1/two 600 66.three
XTB80 one-3/eight 11.a hundred twenty five fifteen-5/8 5-1/eight twelve-7/8 four one-1/8-7NC x four 750 85.7
XTB100 1-9/sixteen thirteen.688 17-fifteen/16 six-3/16 15-6/16 six one-1/8-7NC x 4 750 146
XTB120 1-3/4 16.188 20-5/8 7-1/sixteen eighteen-3/sixteen 8 one-1/8-7NC x four 750 216

This bushing is a substantial-quality durable bushing. Some of what makes this bushing specific is the 1045 quality metal construction and stringent quality control to make certain you constantly get a constant quality merchandise. We also offer you accompanying merchandise kinds that are manufactured to accept these types of bushings. For more info or to get a formal estimate you should speak to us and we will be satisfied to help you!

  • Bushing Kind: XTB 15、20、25、30、35、40、45、50、60、70、80、100、120
  • Bore Size: 1″、1-1/2″、1-1/4″、1-11/16″、1-15/sixteen”、1-3/16″、1-7/sixteen”、2″、2-7/16″、2-11/16″、2-15/sixteen”、3/4″、3-fifteen/16″、3-7/sixteen”、4-7/16″、4-15/sixteen”、5-1/2″、6-1/2″、6-15/16″、6-7/16″、7-1/2″、7-fifteen/16″、8“、
  • Dimension (L):1-1/8″、 1-thirteen/32″、1-7/8″、2-1/16″、2-15/32″、2-13/16″、3-5/sixteen”、3-3/4″、4-1/8″、4-eleven/sixteen”
  • Dimension (U): 3/8″、15/32″、5/8″、11/sixteen”、 26/32″、7/8″、15/16″、1″、1-1/8″、1-5/sixteen”
  • Dimension (H): 2-7/8″、3-3/4″、4-7/16″、5-5/sixteen”、6-5/sixteen”、7-1/8″、8″、10-1/8″、11-15/16″、13-15/sixteen”
  • Dimension (S):5/32″、 7/32″、1/4″、9/32″、5/16″、3/8″、13/32″、15/32″、9/16″、5/8″
  • Cap Screw Amount: four
  • Cap Screw Dimensions:1/4″ X 1″、 5/16″ X 1-1/4″、1/4″、7/16″ X 1-1/2″、1/2″ X 1-3/4″、9/16″ X 2″、5/8″ X 2-1/4″、3/4″ X 2-1/2″、7/8″ X 2-1/2″、1″ X 3″
  • Wrench Torque:95 LBS、 two hundred LBS、350 LBS、550 LBS、840 LBS、1200 LBS、1680 LBS、3000 LBS、4800 LBS、7200 LBS
  • Weight:.7 LBS、 1.5 LBS、2.6 LBS、4.2 LBS、7.4 LBS、10.5 LBS、14.8 LBS、27.8 LBS、42.8 LBS、66.3 LBS


Kinds of XTB Bushings

You may possibly have heard of XTB bushings, but have you ever questioned what kinds of bushings are obtainable? If you happen to be like most individuals, you’re most likely perplexed. This post will describe what sorts of XTB bushings are accessible. Read on to find out more about these products and how to decide on them for your vehicle. There are numerous varieties of XTB bushings, each with advantages and down sides.
Obtainable for 4L and 5L conveyors. This variety is created to accommodate diverse belt measurements. There are also diverse kinds of belts, so you should pick the correct kind primarily based on the width of the belt you want to use. Split tapered belts use a 1-slot style, although 4-loop belts use a 2-slot belt.
Variable pitch pulleys are also available. These bushings have a taper of 2 inches for each foot and are perfect for conveyor pulleys. This taper tends to make installing XTB bushings easier and offers exceptional retention. Sort QD bushings are created of ductile iron. QD and XT bushings are available in all main dimensions.

Rewards of making use of XT bushings in your automobile

XT BUSHINGS are the most sophisticated lubrication products on the industry. With the mixture of XT HUBS and XT BUSHINGS, you can ensure your vehicle is in leading-notch problem, no issue how tough or demanding it is. XT HUBS gives the exact same advantages as XT BUSHINGS but is a lot more affordable than equivalent merchandise.

XTB bushing

There are many benefits to using XT BUSHINGS in your vehicle. Whether or not you push a pickup or a sport utility motor vehicle, these bushings can make a large distinction. They occur with a distinct element variety and approximate excess weight, making them the perfect replacement for your vehicle’s inventory bushings. This write-up discusses some of these benefits. Let’s commence with the fundamental information about these XT bushings.
XTB bushings are offered in a assortment of styles. Design 1 is created for holes up to 3-15/sixteen inches, although Type 2 has twin hub plates for larger holes. Solitary hubs typically use split tapered bushings, whilst twin hub constructions need XTB-design bushings. XTB bushings are available in a range of types to accommodate various-sized hubs.


XTB bushings are created to match a assortment of conveyor pulleys. They feature 2-11 inch holes and are made of large-high quality steel. They also have the identical bolt spacing for even pullout. Qiming Equipment also makes blow bars for the i44 and i54 influence crushers. They are also accessible in hardened alloy 550-003-056 effect plates and baffles.

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